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About Us


We create strategy
for continuous growth

We seek out clients that are looking to optimize their digital marketing opportunities by becoming an extension of your team.

We skillfully produce marketing strategies that leverage the right media avenue with the right technology, for every business we partner with. Enabling us to deliver on our promise of tangible, recordable ROI insights.


The Aurakey Process

You’re considering a significant investment in your marketing — are we the right fit for you? Our process might push you and your team outside of your comfort zones, but great things come out of difficult conversations!



A critical and interactive stage where we understand the business nuances. We gain insights through conversations, past data & thorough research. This research has all brand stakeholders as participants. Leading to an in-depth understanding of actual customer’s persona.



Once discovery is in place we set an action plan. An idea can sound great but it may not be smart if it isn’t executable. Once we have your strategy, competitive analysis, defined buyer persona & mapped keywords. We create a game plan.

A plan is created based on the chosen strategy, resources, and quarterly schedules.



Fulfillment includes creating engaging content, promoting lead nurturing campaigns, workflows, establishing the sales funnel, PR articles and guest blogging services.This phase lets you know, how we have performed our job. Traffic evaluation, analytics, and ROI are compiled in quarterly formats. We review and iterate the process every month. This helps in reducing the average cost per acquisition.

Our Creative Team

William Clarke

Director of First Impressions

Try, Fail, Try Again, Fail Better!

Paulina Hubert

Director of Bean-Counting 

Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone 

Elliott Pierre

Video Marketing Maestro

Life is Good!

Samantha Venator

Account Manager Empress

Live Boldly, Push Yourself, Don’t Settle

Saubia Ahmed

Strategy & Operations Manager

Patience and persistence can do miracles!

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