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Why Graphic Design is Crucial for Social Media Success

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’, isn’t it? We are visual beings and this saying has marked the rise of film and television in the previous century. More recently, this is even more relevant, now that social media has become such an important element of our lives. In order to be successful on any…
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Upgrading Your Website Part II: Good Design Makes Great Content Stand Out

In part two of this mini-series on how to update your website to ensure your content stands out from the crowd, we’ll help you consider how to fill the gaps in your business, what the objectives of your website should be, and help you identify what the key activities related to upgrading your website are…
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Upgrading Your Website Part I: Good Design Makes Great Content Stand Out

Do you remember that last time you heard someone talking about the importance of a well-designed website? These days, people spend more time talking about content creation and consistency than design and functionality. The truth is that without good design – and functionality – even the best content is lost on a visitor to your…
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Aurakey Digital Agency - 10 steps to create an effective business strategy

10 steps to create an effective business strategy

  By Colby Lachance So, you want to start a new project, or you’ve hired a new client? The first thing you need to start with is a strategy. Wait a second, what is a strategy? A strategy is a plan of action designed to help you achieve your goals and objectives. The strategy is…
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The power of positivity

by L. Elliott Pierre Optimists seek the valuable lesson in every setback or reversal. Rather than getting upset and blaming someone else for what has happened, they take control over their emotions by saying, “What can I learn from this experience?” Resolve today to develop a positive attitude toward yourself, the people around you and…
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How to find the right domain name

by Sam Venator The internet is a busy place, with hundreds of millions of websites cluttering the digital realm. Being able to accurately type your domain name is crucial to the success of your site. If you’re using slang, abbreviations, or words with multiple spellings this may make finding your site harder. I can not stress…
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Does your business need re-branding and how do you execute it?

by Sam Venator Deciding to re-brand your business can be a daunting task and shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Before you  decide to re-brand it’s important to understand what branding really is! Your business name, logo, tag line and website make up only a small part of your brand. The thoughts and feelings your customers have…
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How to write a blog – Part Three; Promoting Your Blog

By: Dylan Corbett Back for the third and final part of the Aurakey guide on how to write a blog, this time we’re focusing on the last step of the process: how do you make sure that all the hard work you put into writing your blog pays off, making sure it appears in front…
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How to write a blog – Part Two; Write a Memorable Blog

By: Dylan Corbett In our last blog, we talked about the benefits of blogging and what it can do for your business and your brand. Now it’s time to dig a little deeper! Most of us can throw some words on the internet and hope that someone reads them, but let’s make it better than…
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How to write a blog – Part One; Why Blog?

by Dylan Corbett Hold on, why should I write a blog? Aren’t blogs for millennials, travel junkies, and vegans? If you still believe this, thank god you have stumbled upon this blog. Writing a blog has tremendous value for your business and personal use. Here are some reasons why you should write a blog, tips…
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