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How to write a blog – Part One; Why Blog?

How to write a blog – Part One; Why Blog?

by Dylan Corbett

Hold on, why should I write a blog? Aren’t blogs for millennials, travel junkies, and vegans? If you still believe this, thank god you have stumbled upon this blog. Writing a blog has tremendous value for your business and personal use. Here are some reasons why you should write a blog, tips on how to write a memorable blog and how to promote your blog.

Why should you write a blog?


Blogging allows you to attract an audience and reach new people. Billions of people have access to the internet and in Canada alone it is estimated 32.2 million people use the internet daily. By providing valuable content that solves a problem people may have, you will grow your reach. An expanded reach will allow you to better promote yourself or business.

2. Establish yourself as a subject expert

Creating blogs that are relevant to your audience and solve a problem they may have is a great way to establish yourself as a subject expert. Here at Aurakey, we strive to write blogs that are related to the current digital landscape and relevant to Fort McMurray and the local market. Would you read an Aurakey blog about the five best cornbread recipes? Probably not.

Writing about current best practices, tips, or interesting facts about the industry you operate in, enhances your professional and brand image.

Twenty years ago, people handed out business cards and went to lunch to discuss new business opportunities and partnerships. Now you “google” what you are looking for and do your own research before you ever reach out. Having numerous blogs that relevant to your industry and core business activities will create opportunities and generate new business.

3. You can tell your story.

Blogs are a great way for you to share your story or what you are currently up too. If you are travelling abroad or embarking on a new chapter of your life, chances are you don’t have time to call Grandma back. A blog is a great way for you to highlight what you are up too and allow people to easily keep up with your adventures.

If you are a business, blogs are a great way to highlight the culture at your company, build a brand identity, and tell your story. Recent studies have shown that consumers are demanding more of a personal connection from brands they do business with. A blog allows you to tell stories and create that personal connection with consumers.4. You learn!

Writing a blog involves research, thought, and requires you to organize and articulate what you know. If there are any gaps in your knowledge you will need to fill those gaps to write a quality blog post. I have written many blog posts, but before I began writing this blog, I read multiple blog posts on “how to write a blog”. Never assume you know everything about anything. Writing blogs is a great way to refresh your knowledge and learn new things.