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How to write a blog – Part Three; Promoting Your Blog

How to write a blog – Part Three; Promoting Your Blog

By: Dylan Corbett

Back for the third and final part of the Aurakey guide on how to write a blog, this time we’re focusing on the last step of the process: how do you make sure that all the hard work you put into writing your blog pays off, making sure it appears in front of your intended audience?


1. Optimize your blog for SEO

Do keyword research! I cannot stress the importance of this enough. If you want to establish yourself as a subject expert and generate leads from your blogs, people need to be able to find your blog. Determine 3-5 keywords to focus on and ensure you include these keywords at the start of your blog, in headings, title tags, and Meta descriptions. A word of caution: Do not keyword stuff! Google is smarter than you and will penalize you for stuffing your blog full of keywords. A couple strategically placed keywords will do the trick. Optimizing a blog for SEO deserves it’s on blog post, but here are two more tips.

  • Tip #1: Keep in mind people usually Google questions. If you are writing a “how to” blog, ensure to include this in your title. Example: How to write a blog.
  • Tip #2: Imagine Google Crawlers to be real people reading your blog. The more organized your content is and the easier the read it is, your blog will rank higher. *Cough NUMBERED LISTS! *Cough *Cough

2. Cross Channel Promotion

If you have taken time to write a blog make sure you promote it through all available mediums. Utilize social media, email newsletters, your website, you can even print hard copies of your blog to display or hand out to people. The more outlets you have the greater your reach will be.


3. Show love to get love

Promote or mention other relevant blogs. The more you promote other businesses or bloggers content, the more likely they will promote yours. This gets your blog in front of a new audience and will start establishing useful backlinks that help your SEO efforts.


4. Smash the subscribe button

Give readers the opportunity to subscribe to your blog, newsletter, etc. Having the option to subscribe to your blog is crucial if you want to grow your following. If you are writing blogs to establish yourself as a subject expert and generate leads and you do not have a data capturing system, you are doing it wrong.


5. Paid advertising

Sometimes you need to pay to play, especially with the new Facebook algorithm in full swing. If you are writing a blog with the ultimate purpose of generating leads to convert into sales, you may want to explore paid advertising online. A few dollars behind a strategically placed Google Adwords campaign or Facebook ad may be worth it for your business. Facebook has recently changed their algorithm and obliterated organic reach from business pages. A few dollars behind your blog can make a remarkable difference in your reach.

We hope you enjoyed these #auraTIPS and look forward to reading your blog soon!

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